Labmore® is a brand registered by Welso Tech for laboratory consumables. Since 2013, we have been working hard to manufacture great quality laboratory consumables. 

Our goal is to provide good products at a fair and reasonable price without compromising on quality and service. All our products are made in 100,000 clean room with UPS Class VI virgin materials. 

We sell over to 40 countries via our qualified and remarkable distributors in this field. We are reliable to send all the products to you in short time where and when you need them. Our expertise in laboratory consumables for scientific applications is backed up by our highly qualified and experienced service team providing you with unique support covering your purchase for its entire lifetime.




Low Retention Tips


Universal Pipette Tips


Sterile Square Media Bottle


125ml/250ml/500ml/1000ml Erlenmeyer Shaker Flask


New Packaging Disposable Sterile Serological Pipettes


1/2/5/10/40 Layer Double Wide Mouth Cell Factory


Competitive Pricing

We are consistently striving to offer our products at a competitive and reasonable price. A product in which value and quality coexists is always our first goal.


Fast Delivery

We Place highest priority on fast delivery of all our products to give customer extended satisfaction. We keep most of labmore products in stock and we can ship within 3-5 days. For customized products, we are always trying our best to deliver as early as possible.


Quick Response

We always recognize the importance of a fast answer. Once we got your email or call, our sales team will reply to you the same day or the next business day.


Warranty Conditions

All labmore products are intended to be installaed and used only by qualified personnel. We warrants all our products to be free of defects 12 months from the date of shipment from us.



Our core value is that passion lightening dreams and persistence creating miracles.

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